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Location & Transportation

    Location map    

      Location Map

    Traffic Information

    Kaohsiung City Bus: 
    Take the bus and disembark at Jianjun Stop, and the Branch is at the intersection of 
    Guotai Road. Walk southward for 10 minutes to arrive.

    National Highway No. 1: 
    Exit from Jiouru Interchange, drive eastward along Jiouru 1st Road to Chengcing Road 
    and turn right to Guotai Road. The Branch is 20-minute drive from the Interchange.

    Take the train and disembark at Fongshan Station, and then take a taxi for 10 minutes to arrive.

    Kaohsiung MRT: 
    Take MRT Orange Line and disembark at Fongshan West Station (O11 Station), exit at Exit 2, walk southward along Section 1 of Cingnian Road for 12 minutes to reach Section 2 of Guotai Road, and then turn right and walk for 3 minutes to arrive. 

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