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    The Revenue Service Office is composed of:
    the Director-general’s Office (Director-general, Deputy Director-general, Chief Secretary, Senior Executive Officer);
    4 offices and 7 sections: Public Service Section, Land Tax Section, House Tax Section, Consumption Tax Section, Enforcement and Refund Section, Information Management Section, Legal Affairs section, Secretary Office, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, and Civil Service Ethics Office.;
    and 12 branches: Sinsing Branch, Yancheng Branch, Daliao Branch, Sanmin Branch, Cianjhen Branch, Siaogang Branch, Renwu Branch, Zuoying Branch, Nanzih Branch, Fongshan Branch , Gangshan Branch and Cishan Branch

    Public Service Section Taxation service, tax policy promotion, R&D, and official document management and verification
    Land Tax Section Levy and administration regarding the land value tax, agricultural land tax, land value increment tax and construction benefit fee
    House Tax Section Levy and administration, including policy formulation and enactment, regarding the house tax, deed tax, stamp tax, purpose tax and extraordinary tax
    Consumption Tax Section Levy and arrears settlement regarding the vehicle license tax and amusement tax
    Enforcement and Refund Section Arrears settlement, assistance with enforcement, and formulation and planning regarding taxation management
    Information Management Section Planning, design and execution of IT-based operations; operation and management of computer software and hardware; information education training; processing of the taxation system; and office automation
    Legal Affairs section Violation processing and fines, violation reporting management, and administrative remedies
    Secretary Office Documentation, general affairs, cashiering, archiving and other affairs not under the charge of other sections and offices
    Accounting Office Handling of annual calculation, accounting, statistics, etc.
    Personnel Office Personnel management, etc.
    Civil Service Ethics Office Handling of ethics affairs