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District Division

    We are responsible for the local tax administration and construction benefit fees of Kaohsiung City, such as Land Value Tax, Land Value Increment Tax, House Tax, Deed Tax, Vehicle License Tax, Stamp Tax, Amusement Tax, Agriculture Land Tax (currently unnecessary) and etc.

    12 branch


    Jurisdiction covers District

    Sinsing Branch

    Sinsing District, Lingya District

    Yancheng Branch

    Yancheng District, Cianjin District, Gushan District, Cijin District

    Daliao Branch

    Daliao District, Linyuan District

    Sanmin Branch

    Sanmin District

    Qianzhen Branch

    Qianzhen District

    Siaogang Branch

    Siaogang District

    Renwu Branch

    Dashu District, Dashe District, Renwu District, Niaosong District

    Zuoying Branch

    Zuoying District

    Nanzih Branch

    Nanzih District

    Fongshan Branch

    Fongshan District

    Gangshan Branch

    Gangshan District, Ciaotou District, Yanchao District, Tianliao District, Alian District, Lujhu District, Hunei District, Cieding District, Yongan District, Mituo District, Zihguan District

    Cishan Branch

    Cishan District, Meinong District, Liouguei District, Jiasian District, Shanlin District, Neimen District, Maolin District, Taoyuan District, Namasia District



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